Battle of the Sexes

Written by Shannon

Astrology’s Battle of Men vs. Women – You’d be surprised who can come out on top.


Some astrological signs differ greatly between genders, while others barely differ at all.  How does your gender affect your Sun qualities? Find out now:


Aries represents an active, fiery and masculine energy in both men and women. Both men and female who have this sign ar competitive, go-getters and adventurers. The Aries women are not feminine or filly and like their male counterparts, the make it happen!


Both male and female Taureans share an indulgent approach to life, owever men tend to be higher up the gourmet scale. A female Taurus generally aims for more of the home comforts. Both sexes can be stubborn, however, male Taureans tend to be more noticeably power-hungry.


The air sign–chatty, emotionally detached and more than a little scattered. Gemini men can be socialites and rather wayward in their affections, while female Geminis lean towards being cool and cerebral and sometimes rather guarded when it comes to matters of the heart.


By far, the largest gender gap of all. Both male and female Cancers are emotionally self-protective homebodies at heart. With maturity, the Cancer women grows stronger and more matriarchal, while the Cancer men oftern stay tied to thier mother’s apron strings, reluctant to grow up.


Few differences in gender with this sign, however,  the Leo men are more spotlight demanding.  Leo females have slightly less of an ego and can give way more easily, but often through gritted teeth. Bot the male and female Leos love to be the center of attention.


Talkative, restless, hardworking, and nitpicky. Both male and female Virgos can tuin into fussy old spinsters if they’re not careful. Male Virgos, similar to male Geminis, can be wanderers and romantically hyperactive, whereas Viros females tend not to be.


The second sign with the most gender differences, just behind Cancer. Mr. Libra has a male body with a feminie mind, while Mrs. Libra is the opposite. Mr. Libra tends to be softer and sweeter, and Mrs. Libra is straightforward and often argumentative.


Intense, emotional, private and stubborn. Both male and females tend to line up equally with Scorpio energy, howwever the females can be jealous and possessive, with stinging responses when hurt.


Fiery, hyperactive, adventurous and possibly a bit of a motormouth. The Sagittarius fmeal tends not be domesticated or given anything too frilly. The Sagittarius male tends to be more intellectually inclined.


Both genders with this sign have a reputation for being ferociously ambitious and hardworking The male Capricorn arre usually true sweethearts, while the Capricorn females tend to be cooler and slightly harder on the surface and equally ambitious for social status and career success.


Independently minded, emotinally detached, and talkative are qualities shared by both genders who have this sign.  The Aquarius male tends to be more high-tech while the Aquarius female likes to network like crazy.


Dreamer, emotionally sensitive, and not very decisive. The gender differences with signs seem to be between Big Fish Pisces and Little Fish Pisces–the former can be legendarily voracious sharks, while the latter can be timid little trout.

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What do you think about these gender differences within the signs? Do you have any of the qualities mentioned?

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