Astrology Spotting: Reasons to get sexy with a Scorpio

Written by Gary

According to the Zodiac the sign of Scorpio rules over the genitals, thus a Scorpio man will proclaim himself king of your vagina. He will treat it like one of his humble subjects, throw bread at it when it is hungry and proclaim far and wide that he won’t charge a high income tax.

Scorpios are manipulative, which means they can manipulate themselves into interesting sexual positions. This is especially helpful for having sex in public places, such as aisle 6 at your local grocery store, or the passenger seat of an El Camino.

Sometimes we date a “Moped Guy” (ex: a moped is really fun to drive, but you don’t want your friends to see you on one). Should you decide to go down this road, choose a Scorpio moped guy. Scorpios are secretive by nature so he will have no overwhelming urge to spill all the dark and ugly secrets of your sex life.

Scorpios have a reputation. 100% of 99% of the time,when someone has a reputation it is well deserved. A Scorpio man may be well known as a good lover because he has had plenty of practice with several different women, but sex, like skydiving can be both incredibly dangerous and incredibly fun. You wouldn’t want to skydive with an inexperienced partner, would you?

Scorpios can be really jealous. If you have a low self-esteem and want a man who will fight both over and for you, a Scorpio man is a good bet. Just make sure he isn’t a loose cannon that will do anything too crazy like sit outside your window in the rain watching you macrame a dollhouse.

Scorpios are well known for wanting an all consuming love that will take over their lives. I think at heart, all of us want this to some degree and sex is obviously a very important component to this (You wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who screws like a construction worker jack-hammering through limestone).

If scorpios want you, they want all of you. Sexing up a Scorpio guy is a great way to get some intense affection and skillful loving. Just be forewarned – getting involved with this sign is the fun part, but detaching yourself from them can be much more difficult and dramatic. The sting of a scorpion isn’t something you can easily recover from.

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