Cat Hairball Jewelry is Disgusting…

Written by Bryce

Well that’s gross…

If you’re into disgusting things, you just might be into this totally nasty necklace made of cat hairballs:

Designer Heidi Abrahamson has turned her cat’s discarded hairballs into earrings, a necklace, and a cocktail ring. Why? To celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day, of course. BARF.

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  • Even though I am sure we can all agree that a hair ball necklace is not something to die for we can all agree how important dressing efficiently is.

  • Actually, it’s no different than sheep wool. Back east, people have been wearing sweaters made from dog fur for years. In Victorian times, which actually were kinda creepy times, people used human hair to make ornate pieces of jewelry. These hairballs are not horked up…..and cats are cleaner than sheep anyway. Proceeds go to cat charities.

  • Sheeesh, we’re not bitter or anything….it’s a joke! Where’s your sense of humour! Really…..”dressing efficiently” what….for a snow storm….what does that mean?

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