Five Cats That Don’t Care About Your Hangover

cats and hangovers
Written by Gary

When you are hung over, cats can be your worst enemy… partially because they don’t care about your hangover enough to let you barf in peace.

cats and hangovers

As if it wasn’t tough enough living with a condescending cat, try being incredibly hung over around one. Cats can already count the amount of fucks they do not give on one claw, so I can’t help but feel like they know when you are feeling under the weather, and use that time to specifically target and harangue you mercilessly.

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If you don’t believe me, take a look at these photos. If they don’t make you believe that cats have an ulterior motive to take over the planet, nothing will.

cats and hangovers

cats and hangovers

cats and hangovers

cats and hangovers

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