Inside The Charles James: Beyond Fashion Exhibit

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We went inside the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit.

As you know, some of fashion’s biggest names celebrated the opening of the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit at this years Met Gala. The exhibit celebrates the structural and scientific approach that Charles James had to designing his beautiful creations. The exhibit features 75 of his most beautiful creations and runs till August 10th.


The first floor of the exhibit is truly magical. It focuses on the couture ball gown creations that James created for during his high time in the 50s. It was an amazing experience to get up close with some of the most beautiful craftsmanship that I have ever seen. The exhibit boasts some truly wonderful quotes from Charles James that explain some of his beautiful creations.

“Fashion, after all, is magic and miracle…intended to bestow proportion and beauty where both have been lost of faded with the years.”

The second floor, the recently renamed Anna Wintour Costume Center features some of James’ daywear creations that really make you question day dressing today. One of my favorite looks was the one pictured below which was a day coat that James created.

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