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BoConcept Now Offering Free Interior Design Services

Written by Bryce

Life, love, and rent are expensive– but BoConcept is now offering free interior design services so you can breathe.

Research shows that 69% of all NYC residents rent their apartments vs owning them, and that means most people aren’t interested in dropping serious cash for pricy interior designers. That doesn’t meant that people don’t want beautiful, chic furniture though. The overwhelming city mentality is that furniture can move with you anywhere, but specific space designs? Well, those are temporary at best.

For that reason alone, BoConcept, a Danish furniture retailer with several locations in NYC, decided they’d be among the first to offer free interior design services.

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boconcept design services

My husband, Yossef Hermon, was especially excited to hear about this because he’s a real estate broker selling everything from studio apartments to mansions in Manhattan on a daily basis.

“If you buy a studio, you’re usually a young professional and you know you’ve got just a few years there before renting it out when you move to something bigger, or selling it and upgrading to a one or two bedroom. The same for one bedroom apartments for young couples– more often than not, they’re going to want to move into a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment after a few years, and interior design services can end up being $10,000-30,000 for even relatively small apartments. I love the idea of free interior design services for renters especially, because there’s no financial commitment or strain beyond buying furniture you would normally be buying anyway. Why not let someone help you pick and arrange it nicely? You can also maximize your small NYC space by letting a pro help you.”

The contemporary furniture retailer also just announced their new short film, The Fight, starring super famous Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. His name is seriously Mads, so that’s a sign that everything he touches is trendier and cooler than one might possibly have the bandwidth to imagine. In The Fight Mikkelsen receives a visit from BoConcept’s interior design ‘Concepters’ who give Mads’ home a full makeover, leaving Mads to focus on what he does best: acting!

And that’s really the point– when the stress of design is taken out of the home-making process, the rest is just enjoyable. Picking shapes and colors you like is the fun part, leave the arrangement to someone else– especially if it’s free.

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