Citizens Encouraged to Have More Sex in Italy

Written by Bryce

A new campaign, Fertility Day, encourages citizens to have more sex in Italy to boost the national birth rate.

While it may be surprising, Italy’s birth rate is below the European average, according to The Guardian. Italy has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, and according to European Union stats, the average among EU Member States was 1.58. If you’re a lover of pasta and pizza, that may be concerning for you (we know it is for us), because the country responsible for the Renaissance could be facing a population apocalypse, and that’s just not cool. Italians being the smart and sassy crew they are have decided on a government level that their people need to be having loads more sex, so a new civic campaign to get more people to have more sex in Italy has been launched. Honestly, is there anything better than pizza and permission to love? Hardly.

“Young parents. The best way to be creative.”

The campaign for Fertility Day has been met with great opposition though, being cited as a Fascist movement, and sexist for ads that encourage women to hop to it early versus men. We can’t argue with the sexist implications here, but still think more sex in Italy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They say population boom, we say perfect dessert after a bowl of linguini (topped with a homemade sauces loaded with fertility vitamins, obviously).

The Italian government’s ad reads “Beauty has no expiration. Fertility does.”

In a perfect world though, we’d love to see a greater emphasis from the Italian government on sex between loving and committed couples — encouraging one night stands after pesto and Peroni just seems like a recipe for emotional and financial disaster (for everyone involved).

What say you — more sex in Italy, or less sexism in Italy?

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