Come Tickle, Tickle My Vagina

Written by Emily

I dedicate this to Angela because I know she will be getting down to this.

There comes a time in everyone’s generation where a great singer/songwriters are born. You have Johnny Cash, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel and now Mejela “ZeZe” Diamond. The first song that caught my eye (and ears) was “Tickle My Vagina.” I know what you’re thinking “Emily, how do you find these amazing singers before they get famous?!” Let’s just say it’s a gift.  Unfortunately, she only has 5 songs listed, but I think there will be many, many more. Maybe if you want to impress her, send her a feather duster like this so she can tickle her “juicy vagina. Wet, wet, wet vagina.”

With lyrics like I am the queen of vagina, I am the queen of promiscuous I am the queen of genita-, Come tickle, tickle my vagina, how can one resist? Listen and enjoy.

If “vagina tickling” isn’t for you, maybe her up and coming club banger Show Me Your Genitalia will be more for you. Say what you want, but the lyrics I use men to have sex; I use them and leave them, I am very promiscuous; I use men and leave them is a mantra I think will resonate to many. Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.

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