Cuddly Burritos Exist & Have Zero Carbs

cutitos cuddly burritos
Written by Bryce

Cutetitos are cuddly zero-carb burritos.

Some burritos are so delicious you just have to cuddle them (hello, puppy burritos). That’s the whole point of Cutetitos, a line of plush burrito friends designed for kids. In an era when ket0-everything is the most popular, we’re excited to see children embracing their carbs — literally. Everyone knows cuddling fuzzy stuff is the best.

cutetitos cuddly burritos

They’re Kosher for Passover, too.

You’re probably wondering what Cutetitos even do. Are they like the Teddy Ruxpins of generations past, leading you with love and words? Carbs are a universally accepted form of love and silence is every parent’s dream, so in that sense, Cutetitos are pretty cutting edge. Each burrito-shaped plush toy unrolls to reveal a soft and very adorable pet. Kids and carb-restricted adults alike can collect all 12 varieties including puppitos, catitotos, slothitors, pigitos, bunnitos, and more.

cutetitos packaging

On a technical level, these are the only kosher for Passover burritos we’ve ever heard of, so we assume they’ll pair nicely with your wildest aunt’s desire for kosher for Passover tequila (yeah, that exists, and is accompaniment to our Kosher for Passover Nutella recipe).

cutetitos cuddly burritos

Better yet, you can discover the personality of each of the Cutetitos by locating their “Hot Spots.” They come in mild, medium, hot, or super spicy varieties of cuteness. The snuggly-worthy chihuahua puppito we took for a taste-drive was medium spiced, obviously. It’s pretty clear we’re going to have to add cuddly Cutetitos to our list of the best sleep hacks ASAP.

You can buy Cutetitos here and sleep well knowing they’re under $8 a pop, which is less than the average single-use burrito at a strip mall Chipotle. We’re just waiting for tortilla chips-inspired pool floats next.

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