4 Dainty Gold Necklaces We’re Loving Now

moderne monocle gold necklaces
Written by Bryce

Dainty gold necklaces are having a major moment.

Every metal has her time in the sun, and while we’re still very much in love with rose gold, white gold, and everything else that’s shiny — dainty gold necklaces in standard yellow are getting their due 15 minutes of fame. We found a few of the best out there for every style, stage, and budget.

Good luck only

dainty gold necklaces

This Geometric Hamsa Necklace is one of our favorite dainty gold necklaces from designer AU-Rate. You can browse their full collection of gorgeous gold necklaces here. It can be ordered in two lengths and a variety of metal options starting at $100 for gold vermeil. Hamsa, hamsa, hamsa for all this goodness.

Personalized and powerful

spring & wonder signature nameplate gold necklaces

Remember the personalized nameplate jewelry Carrie wore in those classic SATC episodes? They’re totally back, but the more modernized update is a more empowered version. This signature nameplate from Spring & Wonder is one of our favorite dainty gold necklaces to give as a gift — it’s affordable, fun, and unique. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our list of the best gifts for women in their 20s.

Clearly a stylish choice

moderne monocle gold necklaces

Of all the dainty gold necklaces on our list, we respect the overall utility of this Moderne Monocle yellow gold “Harlow” stunner the most. Sure, it looks great paired with outfits from casual to cocktail, but the gem-seeming pendant is actually a magnifying piece that replaces those pesky OTC glasses many of us use for menus, phone time, and treasured books.

Forget flowers, this is prettier

lulu dk gold necklaces

If delicate details are the name of your style game, this Floral Medallion Pendant Necklace in a rich yellow gold finish from Lulu DK will definitely be your new go-to piece for everyday wear.

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