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Designer Spotting: Katrina Lapenne

Written by Ashley

Up and coming while hitting the metalsmithing nail right on the head. Katrina Lapenne’s style is hot.

When this designer came through my inbox, I was blow away by the precision & whimsy of the piece by designer Katrina Lapenne.¬† Making snakes look as graceful as this is a feat to be recognized, and to name a collection “Dragon Scales” with the outcome of beautifully vibrant transitional pieces, to be applauded.

A native of NY, this Brooklyn based metalsmith Lapenne  has developed a series of collections that range from Scaled Serpents and Ornately Etched Victorian Pendants to statement-making pieces like Brushed Egyptian Hoops and Oversized Talons.  The designer spends countless hours using fine hand-instruments to develop each creation by hand, meticulously carving out of wax or fabricating out of metal, before making a casting mold which she then uses to duplicate each style in a variety of precious and semi-precious stones and metals.

A selection of my faves below. Check her out at

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