Diamonds, an iPod’s best friend?

Written by Stephanie
There are two accessories that I absolutely cannot leave the house without: my cell phone and my iPod. I just feel lost and completely unconnected to the world without my cell phone. I love to take me iPod wherever I go so I can jam to all of my favorite tunes while I’m walking to class, sitting on the train or at the gym. I must admit that I am also very clumsy and drop my iPod about 10 times a day (oops!).
So in order to protect my beloved accessory I went on the hunt for the perfect case and found my favorite:
The Burberry Gold Metallic leather mini iPod case at $140.

It’s out of stock on burberry.com, but I hope they get more soon!!

On my search I also came across the most outrageous case in the world, only Lil’ Wayne would own this:

The Diamond iPod Case, encrusted with over 580 diamonds (that’s over 10 carats!) set onto a 14k white gold case. It has been showcased at the International Gem & Jewelry Show, Inc.

Whats the price you ask? 12,495!!!!!
Did your jaw just drop, because mine sure did!

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