OMG: There’s a Solange for Ikea Collaboration Coming

solange for ikea
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If you’re as obsessed with all things Knowles-family as we are, you’ll be ultra pleased to know that there’s a Solange for Ikea collaboration coming, and we’re basically not breathing with anticipation and overall excitement. Like, hello, Solange for the home. We’ll all be cuddling up to her before we know it, and yes, this is what the universe wanted for all the human souls.

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Technically it’s a collaboration between Saint Heron, Solange’s creative endeavor, and Ikea, but we can’t really tell the difference because OMG Solange for Ikea! The news was announced with a totally weird (and vague) video of one of those ancient spirograph toy drawings from the 80s with the words, “Ikea x Saint Heron: Objects, Space, Architecture.”

What the hell does that even mean? Will the people of Earth even care?  On the Saint Heron site it’s described as a collaboration that plans to explore “architectural and design objects with multifunctional use.” Is this a Solange spatula? A Solange towel rack? Whatever, we’re interested.

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