DIY Fishtail Braiding = Easier Than Expected

Written by Bryce

The fishtail braid has always been the most fabulous, yet elusive, of all the braid options to me. It’s gorgeous and confusing to me, but I spoke to my friends at Butterfly Salon in NYC recently about how to make this look happen at home (and yes, the photo below is actually me!)


Consider this a hair recipe, if you will, because you’ll need some great ingredients:

Day old (or older!) dry hair

Great elastics, I like using Goody since they’re ouchless (and just as necessary as the other items in my bag like tampons and lip gloss)

A texturizing or beachy hair spray, to keep the hair firmly in place

Here’s how to make it happen:

Take a section of hair at the top of your head, and split it into two halves. As you would for a regular French braid, start with the section close to your center part. Hold one half in each hand.

Take a large group of hair from the left side of your hairline.

Weave the large group of hair over the left fishtail section and under the right fishtail section. Try grabbing it in your right hand to simplify and keep it in the right area.

Pull up a group of hair from the right side of your hairline. What you made happen on the left, do it on the right.

Keep pulling up every group of hair until you’re out!

Secure it with a Goody elastic at the base, and consider turning it into a fishtail bun (like I did) with bobby pins.


Since I’m obsessed with how chic this look is for everything from daylight working hours to wedding receptions with long gowns, I’m obviously obsessed with stocking up on hair elastics, too. My bag is always filled with U by Kotex (a girl has to be prepared for life, right?), Goody elastics, and my makeup essentials. You can get FREE Goody hair elastics when you by U by Kotex at Target (only at Target!). Text ‘KOTEX’ to ‘TARGET’ (or, 827438) to get your coupon, so you end up with obviously fabulous locks.


This post was sponsored but I do really rock this hair look all the time but my thoughts and opinions (and photos) were 100% honest.


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