Do it For the BABIES!

Written by Emily

Maybe you have a baby, maybe you don’t, but one thing is for sure: they are cute.  Since my mom works in the Neonatal ICU (the “Addison Shepherd” for you Grey’s lovers, lots of sick babies) I agreed to once again uphold my charitable duties by participating in the March of Dimes Walk.  As of this post, I’ve raised a whopping $0, so I need some help people!!

I believe in shameless self promotion, so if you own a business, let me know.  I will rock whatever you got on my 6-mile walk.  Any donation you make can be written off on your taxes too!  For more information on the March of Dimes go to www.MarchforBabies.com or click on the image below to donate directly.  Do it for the Babies!

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