Doing This One Easy Thing Could Help You Lose 5 Pounds, Fast

Written by Bryce

Does standing burn calories? You bet it does.

If you’re reading this from a chair, bed, or toilet — it’s time to get your tush in gear and stand up (even if it’s just to try this leg contouring tutorial), because the simple act of standing could help you shed unwanted weight, and fairly fast.

“When we stand, our body is working muscle groups across our lower and upper extremities,” explains James Shapiro, MS, CES, PES of “We have smaller muscle groups, like the flexor hallicus brevis, longus, and posterior tibialis which contribute to ankle stability and strength, to the quadriceps and glutes which keep us up upright (and work with the hamstrings). When you stand, you’re engaging those muscle groups across your body and they remain aware and active. If you take someone and give them the same level of intensity on a treadmill as they would have on a bike, that person would use more energy on the treadmill. The core muscles and upper extremities her play a bigger role than someone simply sitting down.”

Does standing burn calories actively, though?

Using more energy, like when your muscles are engaged, burns more calories and uses more stored body fat, which in turn, helps you — of any age, fitness stage or size — lose weight.

“Depending on work lifestyle, commute, and activity level, a healthy individual could stand between four to six hours a day. This ranges between work, an active lifestyle, and moving around.”

The benefits of standing don’t stop at calorie burning, though, because improved circulation benefits the entire body.

“The biggest benefit of standing frequently has to be keeping your heart healthy. Staying away from a sedentary position has tons of benefits but the two biggest killers in the US are heart disease and diabetes. Standing will break that psychological barrier that sitting imposed on us and over the long-term view, save your health, keep your mind at piece, and keep that money in your pocket.”

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