FREE CHOCOLATE ALERT: Godiva is Giving Truffles Away

Written by Bryce

If free chocolate all you want out of life, there’s good news ahead.

Good people of the world, hear this: Godiva is giving away free chocolate truffles and we are totally here for it. Did we mention chocolate truffles being one of our favorite gifts for women in their 20s already? This is up there with the desire for world peace, a man who knows how to use the little heart emojis with the precise level of frequency that’s pleasant vs. creepy, and calorie-free bread. Anyway, if you’re wondering, this is a 100% real thing, and you better mark your calendars for Sunday, February 11 to take advantage of all the goodness the universe has been waiting to offer you in chocolate form.

Godiva French vanilla truffles, one of the free chocolate options


The #LoveGODIVA promotion will be available one day only, on Sunday, February 11, in stores nationwide (sorry, not online — they won’t ship the free chocolate truffles to you). The fine print says that samples are available while supplies last, and there’s no purchase necessary, so we suggest arriving early in the morning and making a breakfast of it. Just kidding (sort of?).

But seriously, it’s perfect pre-Valentine’s Day, because while you’re there you can pick up a Cups of Love gift box or Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries (which are popular for just about everyone).

You can look for the store closest to you here.

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