Don, we have found you a solution.

Written by Corinne

We all know hairstyles are meant to make a statement. Well, someone like Donald Trump should sport a style that emphasizes his intelligence, his business savvy experience, and his ability to be stone cold when it comes to firing employees, even if they are fellow celebrities. Granted the hairstyle he has makes none of those statements whatsoever, in fact it looks more like a wad of discolored cotton candy..but do not worry Don, we know how to help.


On sale at Urban Outfitters is a comb, not just any comb, but one that has an integrated 2GB flashdrive. What a perfect way for Donald Trump to tame those flyaways and keep his integrity, all at the same time. See, Don, if  you have this comb, you will have all of your Trump Organization files at your very fingertips, literally, WHILE you are taming that mane of yours. Just look at the difference.


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Corinne is an outgoing and spontaneous Bostonian currently living in New York studying Public Relations. She enjoys traveling, fabulous nights out on the town, and loud laughs. She has a weakness for stilettos, anything leopard print, and greyhounds. Her two essentials before leaving her apartment include Diorshow mascara and Escada’s Moon Sparkle perfume.

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