Easiest Red Stripe Beer Recipe EVER

Written by Bryce

This is literally the easiest Red Stripe beer recipe of all time.

Aside from Red Stripe just being delish and reminding you of all your most youthful and exciting adventures in Jamaica, it’s super easy peasy to combine with other fresh and delish things. Like, why should one good thing not meet more good things? There’s literally no reason goodness can’t be combined, so we’re sharing possibly the easiest Red Stripe beer recipe of all time because it’s summer and you’re worth it.

Before we share the recipe itself, it’s important to note that you should get in your most tropical Jamaican mindset before breaking the beer and other ingredients out. Throw a bathing suit on, find your fave cheap summer shoes, and slather on some sunscreen. Kidding, sorta.

Okay, okay, here’s the easy Red Stripe beer recipe everyone needs to know:

Red Stripe Infusions

Fruit and beer = a health drink, no?

The tropical amber lager pairs deliciously when sipped from the signature stubby bottle with a wedge of fresh, Jamaican grown pineapple, grapefruit or watermelon. The notes of each fruit results in the perfect blend of sweet and malt flavors with a punch of bitter hops and just the right amount of carbonation produces a clean, crisp taste and a refreshing beer cocktail that’ll easily make any summer BBQ feel like you’re in paradise. Oh, and we found proof that beer may be kind of healthy when used correctly.

What You’ll Need: 

  • Red Stripe Stubby Bottled Beer
  • Fresh pineapple (personally we think pink pineapples would work best), watermelon and grapefruit – sliced into “stubby sized” pieces
  • 3 wine glasses one for each infusion flavor
  • Drinking straws

Boom. Combine. It’s that easy. We told you it was the easiest Red Stripe beer recipe ever, didn’t we? Go get tropical on your rooftop now.

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