Teachers Will be Most Annoyed by Kids with these 6 Troublemaker Names

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Recent poll data suggests giving a baby any of these troublemaker names will result in more notes home from teachers.

Recent research by found that out of 59,000 students and 1.1 million ordered rewards, certain names received the most positive stickers. The names least likely to receive commendation stickers (you know, the ones that say things like “good job!” and “well done!”), were Adam, Joseph, and Charlie. These troublemaker names may surprise you, but the traditionally female-appointed names will genuinely shock you.’s worst troublemaker names for little ones

Estrogren-packed troublemaker names Laura, Eleanor and Daisy topped the naughty list, while Chloe, Emily, and Sophie were apparently the most-rewarded and presumably best-behaved list. For boys, Jack, Daniel, and Joshua seemed to elicit the most rewards. Somehow none of our cheese inspired baby names made the list, proving that cheese is always a safe bet in life. We can somehow agree that we’ve met our fair share of rowdy Ryans, Isabelles, and Olivers — but Alice, Anna, Jasmine, and Ethan? Our jaws are on the delivery room floor.

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A particularly interesting development was the name “Ben” making the naughty list, while the fuller version of the name, “Benjamin” made the best behaved list.

What’s also interesting is that ethnic-leaning names of any variety seemed absent from the list, suggesting that either these parents don’t give a damn about rewarding their kids with stickers, or their kids are just decently behaved and normal. Could be both, but all we can say for sure is this study was hardly conducted by Harvard Medical School, and should be taken with a grain of salt if you’re an angry Laura.

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