New Emojis for 2017, Including a Breastfeeding Emoji

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The list of new emojis includes a woman with a headscarf, a breastfeeding emoji, a mermaid and merman.

First, there’s a “mind blow” emoji that is going to be used at least daily as a reaction to just about all news. There’s also a “shhh” emoji which to us looks more like a don’t-be-a-snitch emoji, but feel free to interpret that however you deem best.

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The updated list includes everything from steak to pretzels, an image of a human brain, the hang-ten hand symbol, a zebra, a couple dinosaur options (you know, herbivores and carnivores both need equal representation), and gasp — feminist emojis depicting things women actually do. For starters, there’s a headscarf emoji (because a lot of women on planet Earth cover their hair for a variety of reasons), and a breastfeeding emoji that helps take the boob-stigma away. If adults can get new broccoli emojis, babies deserve their food sources represented, too.

Feel free to use the mermaid emoji when sending an image of yourself wearing mermaid tights to friends.

Headscarf emoji

Breastfeeding emoji

Aside from the new and exciting variety of available emojis, the human characters come in a wider variety of skin tones now too. You can text your friends a fair-complected white mermaid version of yourself all the way to deep, gorgeous ebony and a few shades in between. Hooray!

There’s also a fairy, a vampire, an elf, and a bunch of other fun personality-describer emoji options that come in both male and female forms.

Fairy emoji


They’re all available for download now, and you can see the entire list of updates here.

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