Eat a Rainbow Turkey This Thanksgiving

colorful turkey farm
Written by Gary

A rainbow turkey farm in Connecticut dyes birds bright colors every Thanksgiving.

colorful turkey farm

I know this photo may look like a gaggle of Easter Peeps coming to life, but these are actual edible turkeys. For the past six decades, Gozzi’s Turkey Farm in Guilford, Connecticut has celebrated by dying live turkeys bright colors and putting them on display (and for sale, of course).

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The tradition dates back to the 1940’s with the current owner’s grandparents, and continues today. Originally it was just a treat for the neighborhood kids, but now people come from all over to see the brightly colored birds. There are lots of ethical questions to ask, and the owner says he has had both negative and positive reactions over the years. The fact remains though, that this farm is rainbow turkey central, so the only question I really need to ask is: Do they taste any different in fuschia?

Also, is this the Thanksgiving meal choice of Lisa Frank? Because I bet a little organic purple dye in the mashed potatoes and some neon green dinner rolls would give that exact, 1990s-Trapper Keeper-on-your-dinner-table effect. Something to consider, anyway.

Side note: um, chemicals?

colorful turkey farm

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