Ten Sexual Orientations You Probably Haven’t Heard of

sexual orientation
Written by Gary

Sexual orientation is much more complicated than gay, straight, or bi.

sexual orientation

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on sexual orientation, but as a gay man I have come into contact with a lot of different ‘appetites’. I have met men (who identify as both gay and straight), that lust after trans women (we used to call them tranny chasers). I have met trans women who only dated trans men (the perfect situation if you sit down and think about it). And, I have had several strange experiences of my own (the strangest involving a lesbian with armpit hair and a rooftop pool). Suffice it to say that sexuality comes in all different shades, so here are 10 different orientations, to help you better understand the world at large.

Heteroflexible– You’re more straight than bi, but you may occasionally cuddle with and/or get nasty with the same sex if you feel like it.

Homoflexible– Mostly a homo, but you dally once in a while.

Skoliosexual– You’re attracted to genderqueer people, or people who don’t identify as male or female.

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Pansexual– You are attracted to anyone regardless of gender.

Panromantic– You are romantically, but not physically attracted to any gender. This is my least favorite.

Asexual– You aren’t attracted to anyone.

Demisexual-You aren’t attracted to anyone, regardless of gender, unless there is an already-established emotional connection with them.

Gray-A– Basically asexual, except once in a while you have a good whoring session.

Androgynsexual– You are attracted to androgynous people, regardless of their actual gennies.

Autosexual– You are sexually attracted to yourself. Unlike narcissists though, autosexuals are perfectly happy with masturbation.

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