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Erin Wasson and Rockport- a suprisingly edgy pair

Written by Bryce

I recently had a chance to sit down with the mega edgy and occasionally androgynous actress and model, Erin Wasson, to discuss her thoughts on fashion, life, and her obsession with Rockport shoes. Rockport, historically-speaking, hasn’t exactly been a hotbed of cool, but the line has totally revamped in recent seasons to become a go-to source for chic, modern footwear that are actually comfortable enough to walk around the city in (like!).

When I asked her about her effortless style, Wasson simply replied, “I’m neither man nor woman in the style sense, I’m into androgyny… I wear mostly black each season and just keep it updated with a ton of cool accessories and jewelry.” And truthfully, she puts her money where her mouth is. She was clad in black leather and a pair of architecturally-impressive Rockport Oxford flats (how impressive is it that she had the balls to take a pair of men’s style shoes and make them look like super glam women’s supermodel flats?!), and completely decked out in about a million rings and Wu-tang nail art (no, not kidding).

Check out this hand bling:

And, as effortlessly beautiful as Erin looked, I still found myself lusting after these funky animal-print booties (in a fabulously soft pony hair finish). They’re comfy enough to saunter around town in, and a fun statement piece for any outfit:

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