Why is everyone doing this weird squished boob heart thing?

Written by Bryce

Can someone please explain this squished boob heart trend? (Semi NSFW)

I am not a doctor. I am not a medical expert. I am, however, a woman with boobs (for decades now, thank you very much), and like to think I understand the basics of humanity. I get that hearts are super cute, and most people love boobs (either at infancy, beyond, or both), but I simply do not understand why people are taking to Instagram to squish their boobs into little heart shapes with their fingers. These boob trends are getting bizarre.

Let’s address some obvious things here. Your heart (if you were born within the confines of “normal”) is next to your boobs anyway, so, really, why? Also, why is it no longer enough to just make the heart symbol with your fingers? Is this some kind of “I love you and also want to do sexual things with you” message? If so, girls, you’re sending the wrong message. The people of Instagram who are into your squished boob heart thing are NOT, I repeat, NOT the people you want affection from (by the way, if you want to see who is viewing your Instagram pics, read this). That is science.

Now, for examples:



If you can offer a better explanation, I’m all ears. I’m also all boobs. Ante up and discuss.

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