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Everything You Need to Know About E-Cheating

Written by Gary

In the age of technology, the word infidelity can mean a lot of different things. In the past, flirting with someone, kissing someone, or straight up sticking your cock-a-doodle-do in someone were pretty much the only three areas that could be considered cheating. These days there are so many ways to step out on someone that I’m not even sure we know the rules.


The worst part of this is that all these new methods of infidelity leave evidence behind! To clarify all this, is the good, the bad, and the fugly of e-cheating:

Sexting– This is absolutely the worst form of e-cheating. Even when someone says they delete the pics of you with a broomstick hanging out of your snizz, I guarantee you they hit “save to camera roll” so fast their press-on nails popped off. Not to mention text messages can be saved, screen-shotted, and resent. If you are going to e-cheat or sex via text message, make sure its with someone who has much more to lose than you do.

Facebook Flirting– These days, Facebook is one of the top reasons for relationship breakups and divorces. Why, you ask? Because our Facebook profiles present idealized versions of our lives to the world, which in turn makes us think everyone else’s life is better than our own. So when you look up your ex-boyfriend on Facebook only to see his photos climbing mountains and going kayaking, I can understand why you would think the grass is always greener, and want to reconnect with him. I promise you that on any given day though, he is just as schlubby as your current boyfriend.

Emailing- This is probably the most underhanded way of e-cheating because if you are taking the time to actually email someone, you probably have feelings involved. Emails are like love letters- if you want a quick hookup there are plenty of other ways to get it. You only email someone if you have an emotional investment in the situation, so beware ladies; if he is sending emails to some skank in San Diego, he is probably already planning to ditch your ass.

Fun with Apps– Dating Apps are the easiest way to e-cheat because they are anonymous. You don’t have to use your real name or phone number, or even a photo of your face. Apps like Grindr, Blendr, and Tinder are based on location, so as long as you go to the other person’s pad they won’t even know where you live. A word of advice though: If you are going to e-cheat using an app, hide it in a folder on your phone called “Fantasy Football apps” or “Tax-related financials”.

Instagram/Vine/Snapchat– I have never personally used any of these applications to supplement my love life, mostly because I am too busy trying to get laid in real life. Depending on how jealous your lover is, they might consider you constantly “liking” someone’s Instagram pics as a form of e-cheating. If you are going to send sexy photos or videos, Snapchat is a good way to do it since the photos disappear instantly. If all you are looking for is a cheap thrill though, I would suggest porn. It can still get you in a lot of trouble, but dallying with a nameless porn-star in a video is much less offensive than flirting with the real thing. It is also a lot less messy.

As we become more and more reliant on our mobile tech devices, the way we communicate is changing, thus our relationships are changing too. My personal method when I am dating someone is to ignore any and all technology-related correspondence between my boyf and anyone else. I never check his Facebook, look at his phone, or go into his email. If you really trust someone, you should trust them to make decisions about what is appropriate and what is not, even when it comes to e-cheating. If you don’t really trust someone, then what the Hell are you doing dating them, anyway?

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