What exactly is happening at Balenciaga?

balenciaga tshirt shirt
Written by Bryce

Have statement pieces gone too far?

Balenciaga is credited as the genius fashion house behind the ugly sneaker phase, and look at the world now — loaded with ugly sneakers, and seemingly better for it. The Basque luxe fashion house is known for thought-provoking pieces that more closely resemble conversation starters than good form, but we’re wondering, has Balenciaga actually gone too far this time, or is this the most Instagram-worthy fashion piece of the century?

Their latest load of men’s shirts look like they’re straight out of mental institutions.

balenciaga tshirt shirt


For roughly $1,500 USD, Balenciaga suggests your ownership of their “tshirt shirt” is a good idea. It features a striped short-sleeved tee, not unlike a Hanes shirt, layered with a less-than-thoughtful long sleeved buttondown shirt sewn on top. Just to be clear, no, you cannot separate them and wear them as cute, individual pieces. They come as a set, stay as a set, and let people know that you have extremely questionable judgment.

balenciaga tshirt shirt


According to the obviously well-paid copywriters at Balenciaga, you can either wear the long sleeves as a wacky front panel design, or as a faux double layer. We’re thinking it may be time for a drug bust near their corporate offices.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the world of fashion. #prayforbalenciaga

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