Facial Accessories: Eyes & Lips

Written by Shannon

Yea, yea. We all know skin is important, and taking care of it is a MUST. But let us not forget the face accessories, if you will. Eyes & lips adorn the face & give personality that is immeasurable. Here’s what I’ve been loving, to keep them healthy and looking fresh!

  1. If your eyelids are drooping or you have under eye bags and puffiness, then DERMELECT Revitalite Eyelid and Dark Circle Corrector is for you. This product works to lift and tighten those droopy eyelids, while helping to reduce the appearance of under eye bags an puffiness. This corrector will also help to revitalize and brighten those serious dark circles, while delivering multi-peptides to help correct and prevent any signs of premature aging.
  2. Don’t let fine lines be a sign of aging, reduce the appearance of those fine lines with AVEDA Green Science Firming Eye Cream. This light cream moisturizes and smooths fine lines as well as reducing the appearance of puffiness and under eye circles with everyday use.
  3. Need to enhance your brows? Try Shobha Brow Pencils. These brow pencils are free of parabens and artificial fragrance. Both long lasting and water resistant, along with each Shobha brow pencil includes a convenient hidden sharpener in the cap for travel-friendly use and precise application every time.
  4. If your looking for a way to keep those brow hairs in place, try Christi Harris’ Seal-N-Shine. Similar to “hairspray” for the brows, this product will give you 24 hour wearability of color and hair placement, as wall as a sheer and natural sheen.
  5. Long lasting eyeshadow begins with a good eyeshadow primer like the Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay. If you don’t want creasing in your eye makeup then this product is a must have. And while, your picking up that product, why not try some of Urban Decay’s eye colors from their Summer of Love Eyeshadow Palette: Flash, Maui Wowie, Chopper, and Smog.
  6. Lips are just as important as the eyes, so why not try some YUM Glaze from PeaceKeeper. This upscale lip balm is 95% organic by the USDA, which means they are food grade, allowing you, if you so choose, to spread them on your morning piece of toast. But why waste such luxurious lip glaze go to waste on toast?! Instead, try applying this fruity, clear gloss on your lips over lipstick or alone for a lip-moisturizing experience.

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Shannon is a 22-year-old Floridian currently studying PR at the University of South Florida. Her obsessions include: finding the newest fitness trend (currently Physique 57 DVDs), keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip, and her American Eagle stretch jeans. When she has some free time that doesn't include studying for one of her many exams, she enjoys hanging with her friends and family, going to Disney World, shopping, and eating good food. Follow her on twitter @ShannonDormer

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