Fantasy Alert: Unicorn Ice Cream Exists in NYC

Written by Bryce

Your wildest rainbow sprinkles dreams are coming true: unicorn ice cream exists in NYC.

The unicorn trend is still well much alive, well, and kicking. It’s not just unicorn lemonade at Starbucks (which, frankly, we didn’t think tasted great) and unicorn hair. No, the mythical creature trend has moved beyond the impractical and finally landed herself right where she belongs — in desserts everyone already likes to eat. Yes, unicorn ice cream is here and it’s basically taking over lower Manhattan.

These fish-shaped cones are actually traditional Japanese street treats made of a pancake-like dough and half filled with Japanese adzuki, or red beans. If you’ve never had adzuki paste before, it’s the same stuff that goes into the red bean ice cream at your favorite sushi spot, and offers a slightly nutty, sweet, and a rich flavor. If you’re into peanut butter, there’s a good chance you’ll like adzuki’s flavor profile, too. But let’s back to the unicorn ice cream, shall we?

Taiyaki, the teeny tiny NYC shop selling these unicorn ice cream cones, fills the rest of the fish-shaped cones with pink and white swirled soft serve, two types of rainbow sprinkles, candy ears, and a totally edible little golden horn. They’re adorable, and you don’t need to be a little kid to enjoy one (although if they served them at the My Little Pony Cafe in Japan we’d be pretty excited). You do, however, need a fair dose of allowance money to buy these unicorn ice cream treats, though — each one will set you back $8 including tax.

If you’re not an ice cream fan, don’t worry, because Taiyaki also serves up some of the most famous matcha lattes in the city as well, complete with their special sweet fish, and that’s a good thing, because green tea is a health food, right? We happen to think they’d pair well with these matcha donuts, too.

We happen to think pairing your unicorn ice cream with an Instagram-friendly backdrop of fun sprinklers in unicorn, elephant, and dino shapes is the best way to experience the trend.

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