Florida is Hiring a Professional Iguana Wrestler

Written by Bryce

Seriously, you can get paid to wrestle iguanas in Florida.

Obviously this iguana wrestling job is in Florida, because where else? If you think we’re kidding, we’re totally not, and we want you to know that you can make $22 an hour wrestling these reptiles into southern submission. If you ever doubted America’s greatness, let this job opening put all that to rest immediately, and we have to thank our Deputy Weird Florida Editor, Alexis Lambert, for bringing this gem to our attention.


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted an opening for a biologist to head up wrangling iguanas in the Florida Keys, and we’re semi-excited about it because the idea of living in the Florida Keys is pretty cool. Iguanas apparently love living in Florida’s famous chain of islands, and can grow to over five feet in length over the course of their ten to twenty year lifespans.

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If they sound like giant, scary dinosaur cousins — you’re sort of right. They have teeth and tails that can whip you pretty hard, but generally they’re not aggressive or interested in attacking. They’re mostly vegetarians and human flesh just doesn’t suit their tastebuds, and they’re far less dangerous than the deadly machineel trees the keys have strewn about.

The job pays $18-22 an hour as a temporary state employee, and offers limited benefits.

We’re hardly scientists ourselves, but hanging out with iguanas in the Florida keys for profit doesn’t sound half bad.

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