Anyone Interested in Fantasy Ice Caves?

mendenhall ice caves
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The Mendenhall Fantasy Ice Caves let you experience every stage of the water cycle at once.

mendenhall ice caves

With all the global warming talk, we kind of have to enjoy the experience of ice while we still can, right? Located in the Mendenhall Valley, only 12 miles from downtown Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier is a 12-mile-long ‘recreational area’ chock full of ice caves.

These fantasy ice caves are special because they allow you to see every stage of the water cycle, from freezing to evaporation. Visitors are treated to deep blues, shallow greens, and the sense that they’re walking through a celestial underwater painting. It is an experience unlike most others on this planet, offering the appeal of a hike combined with the sense of freedom that accompanies conquering uncharted territory (you know, like a giant glacier). The caves are technically made from the hollowed out glacier as it melts, so there’s an added element of wait, what if this comes tumbling down on me now. People like a little danger.

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Because of the Earth’s warming, however, the ice caves are retreating gradually– as much as 2 miles of retreated glacier has been reported in the last half century or so. The only way to get to them is to kayak to the glacier, and then ice climb over it. Once you’re there, you’re advised not to crack Siberian prison jokes, or sing literally any song from the Disney hit Frozen. We are not kidding.

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