Starbucks Cups or Works of Art?

starbucks cup art
Written by Gary

A young artist turns Starbucks cups into visual masterpieces.

starbucks cup art

The thing I have always liked best about art is that there are so many different mediums to work with. An artist can choose to create art on virtually anything, and with the right inspiration, create something awesome. Carrah Aldridge, from Ohio embodies this idea perfectly, and creates amazing art out of her used Starbucks cups. Her Starbucks cup art ranges from celestial to nearly comic book style, but it’s always intricate and deeply detailed.

Aldridge creates all her designs with sharpies, a white gel pen, and markers to fill in solid areas. Ironically, she uses the cups to hold her art supplies, so she is technically repurposing them. #EcoFriendly for the win, right?

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Take a look at her designs and then ask yourself if you’re doing anything to make the world a more beautiful place. If the answer is no, get your tush to a place with some art supplies and color your salad box in at lunch today. Starbucks cup art doesn’t have to be your thing, but making the world around you a little better totally should be.

starbucks cup art starbucks cup art starbucks cup art starbucks cup art

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