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Fashion Crave: THU THU

Written by Casey

THU THU Luxury Clothing

THU THU is the creation of designer Thuy Duong Nguyen a Vietnam born, German raised. Her designs effortlessly unite western style with the charm and intricacy of the far east, creating pieces that align with the spirits of the young.

What I love is how each piece is hand designed, this is not corporate mass-produced fashion. The handcrafted Vietnamese embroideries featured in the fabric create pieces that exude comfort, confidence, femininity, and lightness of being.

The pieces I have selected are my personal favorites from the collection. Lets start with my favorite piece from the collection, beginning with the jacket above, it is cut like a motorcycle jacket but the tan felt makes it more feminine and in my opinion, practical. Topped off with gorgeous contrasting embroidered patterns it a stunning and unique piece. The black fur vest is classic and would look perfect with an all black outfit. The pinks, oranges, yellows, and greens tone down the harsh look of the black fur making it a more versatile and every day piece. And of course, the green army jacket. I really love how Thuy is not afraid to mix patterns. In this piece she mixed army green, with cheetah, and native embroidered patterns with a light blue zipper, and some how managed to look amazing.

Shop the entire THU THU collection online here.

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