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Fashion Spotting: Vintage Sunglasses Done Right

Written by Bryce

Easy ways to use your cheapie glasses in a chic way.

If you read Jenn’s post a few weeks back on the right way to wear vintage sunglasses, you’ve probably already headed to your local thrift store or eBay to scoop up as many $3 frames as your little hands can handle. If not, and you need a little more visual direction, I’ve put together a few ideas for you:

1. Try Ornate Frames with Tricky Details. One of the most exciting reasons to wear vintage anything is because you’ll be the only one in town wearing it. I love these sunglasses because they have incredible details like invisible arms- they look they’re floating.

2. Go for Simplicity. If ornate isn’t your cup of tea (and it isn’t ALWAYS mine), try a really simple pair of black or tortoise shell frames in an era-specific shape. I love these.

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