My Issues With This “First Kiss” Viral Video

Written by corey

It’s not even the end of March and I already have more than a few bones to pick with 2014. While my therapist and I will discuss most things, I thought it would be good to discuss this famous “First Kiss” viral video. When the video first launched, it was super cute. It played on the emotions of strangers and how awkward it could be having a first kiss but there’s more than meets the eye.


As it turns out, the video is secretly disguised as a fashion film. Fashion people are so fuckin’ petty. We can’t just take a whole damn month to ourselves twice a year, but we have to shove our collections down your throat in a seemingly innocent video. The film is portraying “strangers,” that are actually paid actors to share a kiss with someone they’ve never met. What I don’t understand, is why are these kisses so tacky?

Have you ever been to a bar during last call? Right before someone turns the lights on, you can see strangers scrambling for a late night snack. I’m not talking about a slice of drunk pizza either, I’ve seen strangers give each other a little nod and hop in a cab together. I’m not criticizing, not at all. I know first hand the stress of finding someone to go home with. For example, my night out strategy was to makeout with as many guys as possible in one night. At the end of the night, I would find which one would live closest to me and go home with that one. Sex is no longer so taboo that we have this adorably shy first kiss kind of thing happening. A simple kiss should be fun and not so difficult.


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