Fish Tank Toilet: It’s a thing

Written by Bryce

If you’ve ever spent a particularly long bathroom adventure wondering why the water tank behind you isn’t teaming with real fish, good news, the fish tank toilet concept is a real thing.

A wild company out in California, AquaOne, will happily replace the standard water tank on your regular throne. The Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium comes complete with a filtration system, LED lights, and a couple of transparent compartments to simultaneously hold the fish tank portion and the required water for actual flushing.

It’s a real conversation piece, ideal for a guest bathroom, kids’ bathroom, or office, but I’m super curious why PETA hasn’t made an issue over this. Like, isn’t this literally a pretty crappy place to live for all these splendid sea creatures? If fish could talk would they ask for better real estate (on a serious note, what about feeding and filtration?)? Also, don’t toddlers and pet cats love to loiter in bathrooms? The opportunity for fish predators is concerning, obviously, and that leads me to the whole “don’t eat where you sh*t” concept. Is that what you really want for your favorite feline or kid?

I have no idea how powerful the water storage tank is or if it’s enough to serve regular consumers of Chipotle, but if you’re a light eater with a love of scuba, this fish tank toilet concept seems like a wise investment.


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