Bisexual Animals: yes, seriously

bisexual animals
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Bisexual animals.

Five bisexual animals you should stop judging today:
bisexual animals

It’s no secret that animals have sex lives that rival their human counterparts. Pretty much everyone knows that penguins mate for life, dolphins will screw anything, pigs have orgasms, and retired angora rabbits can make an excellent living posing as hairpieces for upcoming republican presidential candidates.

There are actually a lot more species of bisexual animals than one would think, so it goes back to the question of whether you believe humans are completely separate beings, or just another link in the food chain. If you think we are just a part of the food chain, then it isn’t so hard to believe that there would be bisexual humans too, right? Exactly. So can we please all stop believing that bisexuality is just a stop on the way to gay-town? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but either way I don’t think we should be telling anyone who they can or can’t mess around with, and that includes everything from elephants to ants.

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  1. Orca whales basically give each other blow jobs (or beak jobs, as it were), before sexual maturity. They are nature’s original size queens.


2. Bottlenose dolphins are some of the smartest and most social animals in the animal kingdom, and most of them are bisexual or gay. Coincidence?


3. Humboldt penguins are either gay and monogamous, or bisexual and switch partners. I don’t know why humans can’t be more like them.


4. 25% of male black swans are gay and partnered. In order to procreate they invite a female into their nest, have a threesome, and then kick her out. It’s no wonder Natalie Portman was so frustrated in The Black Swan.

black swan

5. Young male giraffes neck each other for practice, then sometimes hook up. So basically, my teen years.


6. African lions have one of the strongest sex drives in the animal kingdom. In their society, mounting another male actually reinforces their relationship.


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