This ‘Fly Guy’ is Offering a Funnier Perspective on Travel

Written by Bryce

Fly Guy is proving travel content can be funny too.

Rafi Barbiro is arguably a normal guy, except when he’s pulling ridiculous stunts for his travel-themed digital show, Fly Guy.

“I was a journalist for the last 16 years,” he tells Luxury Spot exclusively. “I had the privilege of being sent to places all around the world for my work. I got to explore many countries and different cultures. I noticed that the online guides tend to all show the same basic locations, quite a few of which were tourist traps and some of which were corny and typical. They mostly missed a coverage of the underground experiences cities had to offer, the urban adventures and local secrets. I just want to bring a new, fun, ass-kicking vibe to the “travel section”, all in the shape of Guy Fleischer, aka Fly Guy.

Noodle slurping is better than any tourist trap, isn’t it?



The series is presented as a new vertical — travel comedy, and uses a a character played by Roy Iddan (a Borat-like soul, honestly), and focuses on off the beaten path destinations, which means you can cross Paris and London right off the list. The new show’s crew seems particularly enthusiastic about their time in Seoul (who wouldn’t be? Korean food for the win!), and the possibility of trip to Cuba.  

Have a look at episode 1 here: respect they deserve.




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