8 Foods for Longer Eyelashes

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Eat these foods for longer lashes!

A long pair of eyelashes is something that all men can’t help but love. When you flutter them at us, we go weak in the knees and a smile breaks out on our faces.

But what can you do if your lashes are short and thin? Check out these foods to eat to grow longer eyelashes:

  1. Fish -­– Fish is loaded with protein, which is what your lashes need to grow. After all, hair is made entirely of protein, so eating more protein is the key to longer lashes. Bonus: Fish is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to improve circulation–thus feeding your hairs more nutrients and oxygen.
  2. Eggs –– Yet another protein-rich food, eggs are one of the best to eat for longer hair. It’s very low in fat and high in nutrients, and it will provide the minerals your hair needs to grow strong and healthy.
  3. Walnuts –– These little nuts are loaded with Vitamin E and biotin, both of which help to protect your body’s cells from damage. They will act as a protective shield to help your hairs grow long and strong.
  4. Sweet Potatoes — Loaded with Vitamin A, sweet potatoes provide your body with the beta-carotene it needs to keep your skin and hair healthy.
  5. Oysters –– Zinc is very important for the growth of hair, but a zinc deficiency could be the reason that your eyelashes are so thin and short. Eating more zinc is a good way to promote improved hair health, and oysters are one of the best natural sources of this mineral!
  6. Lentils –– Not only do these legumes contain a lot of protein, but they’re also loaded with biotin, iron, and zinc. The combination of these minerals will help to keep your hair growing strong and healthy!
  7. Blueberries –– The vitamin C in these little berries plays a huge role in healthy circulation, supporting the tiny blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to your eyelashes. A vitamin C deficiency can cause hair breakage, so it’s in your best interest to eat more vitamin C.
  8. Greek Yoghurt — Not only is yoghurt a great source of protein, but Greek yoghurt is rich in Vitamin B5–a nutrient that is almost always found in hair care products. It’s also rich in Vitamin D, which is important for hair health!

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These eight foods for longer eyelashes will do wonders for your lids, but they’re not the only thing to consider if you want to have strong, healthy lashes.

One great remedy for longer eyelashes is to soak lemon peel in olive oil. Apply the oil to your lashes as both a protective coating and a nourishing layer.

If you want to stimulate eyelash growth, one good way to do so is by brushing your lashes on a daily basis. You can use your mascara brush to brush your eyelashes at least twice a day, and this will help to distribute the oils along the length of your hair!

You can also dip a cotton ball into a cup of green tea and gently apply the tea (let it cool a bit) to your eyelids and lashes. The tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants that will help to stimulate hair growth, flush toxins, and cleanse the hair follicles.

Finally, consider using petroleum jelly as a means of promoting longer lashes. Apply a bit of Vaseline before going to bed, and wash it off in the morning. Do this for a few weeks, and you may just find that it works!

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