Fortune Telling Transvestite Fox Woman in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is a half-woman half-fox transvestite fortune-teller.

mumtaz begum fox lady

Mumtaz Begum is your typical Pakistani man. Every day he wakes up, dresses in drag as a fox woman, and tells people’s fortunes from a booth in a pavilion at Mumtaz Mahal.

Mumtaz Begum is actually played by performer Murad Ali, who inherited the role as a supernatural attraction from his father. The structure of the booth hides every part of him except his head, so it appears that the taxidermy fox carcass next to him is his actual body.

Ali is dressed as a Kitsune; a mythological fox-creature that can see the future, and people come from near and far to hear their fortune told. Patrons often leave small donations or cakes as offerings.

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I have seen a lot of things in my gay days, but a transvestite fox-woman fortune-teller is new, even for me. If I ever visit Mumtaz Begum however, my small offering is going to be a pair of tweezers, because that bitches uni-brow is out of control.

mumtaz begum fox lady

mumtaz begum fox lady

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