Judy Blume’s Sexy Comeback

Judy Blume is coming back in a different way.

When you think of the writing’s of Miss Judy Blume, you don’t necessarily get the soft-core feel. My favorites are still Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing and Superfudge. They were books to soothe the soul and teach us a few things about growing up.

It was reported to the New York Times that Blume is making a comeback with a new book. The book is set to hit shelves in 2015 and there haven’t been many details released but this is just too good not to let everyone know. If you remember, in 1998 Blume wrote a more adult novel, Summer Sisters. We’re assuming it’s going to the have the same feel but her editor had this to say about the book, “It’s pure Judy Blume, writing about family and about friendships, about love, about betrayal. It’s quintessential Judy.

I don’t know about you, but I can desperately do with more Judy Blume in my life. It’s like the nostalgia gods have answered the plans of every struggling youth everywhere. Now that her audience has kind of grown up, it’s great that she’s doing something for us.


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