Four Huge Vitamin C Serum Benefits to Get Excited About

vitamin c serum benefits
Written by Allison

So many vitamin C serum benefits!

If you aren’t already using a Vitamin C serum in your face care routine, where are you? There are so many different Vitamin C serum benefits that nearly everyone can use it and see improvements. There are four main benefits, but they’re huge! For the all-round skincare staple, add in some vitamin C, pronto.

vitamin C serum benefits

1. Evens out skin tone

The reason most people add Vitamin C into their skincare routine? Evening out skin tones. If you have trouble with scaring, hyperpigmentation, sunspots, or otherwise would want a more even tone, add in some Vitamin C (in addition to your fragrance free sunscreen, obviously). The Vitamin C serum benefits that specifically work to even skin tone is it’s tyrosinase inhibitor capabilities. This “catalyzes a rate-limiting step of the melanin synthesis” basically meaning it prevents your skin from taking on color.

2. Improves hydration

This Squalene Vitamin C oil is the hydration one two punch you need.

Vitamin C keeps your skin stronger and more protected. When used with a well rounded skincare routine you’ll notice your skin is noticeably more plump, smooth, and hydrated. This is due to Vitamin C’s ability to promote collagen synthesis. Basically, the goop that makes your skin soft and hydrated is definitely going to work. It’s far and above the best Korean serum options in this regard.

3. Anti-aging

Add together points one and two and you’ve got a welcome product for any anti-aging skincare routine. Improving collagen synthesis can help to firm skin, smooth wrinkles, and evening tone leads to younger looking skin. Need we say more?

4. Helps fight pollution effects

Pollution isn’t great for any part of your body, let alone your largest organ (your skin). Pollution can affect us in different ways. Vitamin C serums work to fight free radicals and works as an antioxidant for your skin.

Things to note

As great as Vitamin C is, you need to be careful. High concentrations can be sensitizing for skin and, when introduced to light and air the Vitamin C can degrade. Because of this we recommend starting with a lower dose of Vitamin C, and in the smallest container you can find. You can always work up to using more, but until then, it’s better not wasted!

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