12 Reasons to Try Moroccan Dick

Written by Gary

Moroccan dick is some of the best dick in Africa.


It doesn’t matter whether you have seen the movie Casablanca, or are just an avid Sex and the City fan (they filmed the scenes from Sex and the City 2 in Morocco) — chances are you have heard of Morocco. On the off chance that you haven’t, Morocco is a North African country known for beautiful outdoor markets, gorgeous architecture, and hot men that come in a variety of colors and ethnicities (we’ve heard there’s even some displaced Greek dick running around there). And yes, before you mention it, these Moroccan men all have Moroccan dicks, which is their best part.

Here are are 12 great reasons to try Moroccan dick:

A Moroccan dick is a generous dick, and a Moroccan man will always feed you. In fact, it’s considered rude not to share your food if you see someone hungry in Moroccan culture.

Moroccan dicks are African, so they have a gorgeous color, but they are also French, so they have a gorgeous accent too. What’s more panty dropping than that?

Morocco is one of the largest producers of hashish. If you are the kind of girl whose favorite time of day is 4:20, a Moroccan dick will probably come complete with a Moroccan dealer.

Moroccan dicks generally value family and children. If you hitch yourself to one, you may be expected to bear a few rugrats. On the upside, your babies will be beautiful.

In a study of 116 countries, Moroccan dick came in at #49 at 5.917 inches. I have heard plenty of evidence that states Moroccan dick is much bigger than this on average, so I guess we will have to do some field-testing. If you need way bigger, try a Jamaican dick, but know that Moroccan dick is probably good enough.

Moroccan dicks tend to speak a lot of languages. Many are multilingual since childhood, so if you ever get lost with one in a foreign country, you are a lot less likely to end up sold into the sex trade.

In Morocco it is considered impolite to refuse meat when it’s offered. This bodes well if you, like me, enjoy giving blowjobs on command.

Moroccan men are generally big fans of football. So if you are into that, this could be a great positive. If you’re not, it’s a great time to go for a weekly mani-pedi-botox. Also, we mean football in the Euro way, not church and football in Atlanta, Georgia-style.

Moroccan tap water is drinkable in most parts of the country. Since dicks are made up of 60% water, this means a Moroccan dick is a healthy dick.

A Moroccan dick is a patient dick. In their culture, everyone likes to take their time with everything. This bodes well, if you take a little longer to get to the finish line than most girls, know what I mean?

Moroccan dicks aren’t shy. This comes from the fact that Moroccans tend to bathe in public bathing halls. So if you’re looking for a Moroccan dick at a nude beach, look for the penis that looks completely at ease, in a prayer position.

A Moroccan dick will most likely provide for you, since it’s a point of pride in Moroccan men to provide for their families. So if you are the kind of girl who likes being taken care of, jackpot baby. But literally, if you’re going to stay home, you might be expected to actually have a baby.

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