GaGA Has 3 Heads, and other V Magazine news

Written by Ashley

Is Lady GaGa a gay icon or an alien? You be the judge…

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda diggin’ the newest issue of V Magazine, with cover girl Lady GaGa.  Normally, I can’t care less about what kind of meat dress or monster talk she’s jibbering, but while the imagery is a weird as hell, and totally alien-ish, it’s kind of beautiful, 3 headed GaGas and all.  PLUS, the mag landed Elton John to interview GaGa for the feature.  Having not yet read the article, I imagine the piece consists mainly of the two of them going back and forth, one-upping each other with anecdotes referring to glittery gay men, unicorns and Madonna’s fake British accent.  All fitting for ” The Asian Issue,” I’d say…

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