Gaga’s Restaurant Joanne Trattoria is Dirty, Apparently

Written by Bryce

Gaga is known for being a little wild and dirty, and apparently it’s family tradition in all business pursuits. Her family’s Upper West Side restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, was just awarded a not-so-prestigious “C” rating in NYC.

For those of you non-New Yorkers, “C” is the lowest rating you can get while still remaining open. Literally, it means the place is filthy enough to disgust the very same health department workers that grade shady falafel places in the East Village with “A” and “B.” …and really, isn’t that the biggest concern? Gaga‘s restaurant is filthier than places I’ve literally seen rats and roaches at on the regular.

Joanne has 42 violations, and as far as we’re concerned, charging over $20 for a salad that’s so-so at best should be added to the list.

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