This is a pimple cake and it will ruin your day

Written by Bryce

This is a pimple cake. Yeah, you squeeze the little mounds.

If you’re the type to go nuts trying to clear blackheads on your own skin and spend hours toiling late at night on the internet watching those horrid zit extraction videos, good news — there’s a cake for you. In fact, this pimple cake may even be the birthday cake of your dreams if you’re the type to obsess over shrinking your nose pores (or frankly, the pores of others).

Each and every custom-made pimple cake is decorated with squeezable fondant “zits” so revelers can have their cake, pop their zits, and eat it too. We’re not entirely sure if this is genius, the worst thing ever, or a brilliant display of capitalism, but we’ll let you decide.

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If you’re wondering, no, the zits aren’t filled with any real infectious fluids — they’re mostly just cake and icing and such. We’re fairly certain these zits taste delicious if you eat them with your eyes entirely closed, but still, the idea of a pimple cake is a lot to handle. Just look at this.

For now The Cakescape bakery is only in Kuala Lumpur, but we assume if pimple popping cakes take off they’ll likely aim for global domination and roll out a line of zitty cupcakes at a Starbucks near you. There’s really no telling, but we were so much happier with the Asian news that Japanese hospital food is gourmet-worthy.

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