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Get The Look: Kate Bosworth

Written by corey

Ever since Blue Crush, I’ve had a serious crush on Kate Bosworth (pun, totally intended). The Bosworth has some covetable style and she just always looks so effortless. Kate has also done a collection for TopShop, but I’m partial to the other Kate. Well, we found an adorable of the Bos working, werqing, and werking around town. Shall we break down this celebrity’s outfit? Lets do it.

Let us talk about her coat. I’m kind of really into the structure and the look of it. It’s probably something¬†ridiculously¬†expensive. We found this Massimo Dutti structured speckled coat. This coat is perfect for smuggling a Red Bull out of the bodega because you spent the last of your singles at the strip club and they don’t take AmEx. Available here.

You know those days when you want to wear suede heels, but can’t find any suede heels? I do. One time, I was going to a wedding and all I wanted was a pair of suede heels. However, it looks like the Bos beat me to it, but we found a great pair too. These Stuart Weitzman for Scoop heels are the bee’s knees. I’m literally gagging at how chic these are. Available here.

Lastly, you’re going to need a good chain strap bag. If you can’t afford Chanel (that’s unfortunate), you can find something similar. The pale blue is perfect for the transition into seasons and the chain makes it the perfect bag for accessibility. If you didn’t know, chain bags are great for random bar brawls, like the one I got into on 2nd Avenue the other night. Available here.

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