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Written by Emily

So you say you want them thick and long?! Well I have the answer!!  Nooo, I’m not talking about that!! Get your mind out of the gutter!!  I am talking about Dea Bella’s Eyelash Conditioner!!

I don’t know about any of you, but I used to wear false lashes EVERYDAY.  I was a make-up artist, so it wasn’t that weird.  Alas, I am also not a morning person so for me to get up everyday and put on my lashes was pretty much the bain of my existence.  I mean, who doesn’t want long, thick lashes?!  If you said no, you’re a liar.  That is why I am now obsessed with Dea Bellas Eyelash Conditioner.  I waited to write this because, being bit of a skeptic, I really wanted to give it a real go before writing about it.  I gotta tell you guys, this stuff is no joke.

I was spending about $20 a week for my lashes, which came out to around $160 for two months assuming I wasn’t buying any specialty lashes, plus my time which is precious(okay, maybe not, but whatev).  For $150, you can get your natural lashes, thicker, fuller, and longer!! Sign me up!!!  Best part?!  They have a 60 day money back guarantee.  They say to give it about 2 weeks to notice a difference, and I think that is about right.  All you do is put it on once a day like your eyeliner then bat those big beauties to longer lashes! I also tried it on my Moms eyebrows because she got a little tweezer happy back in the 80’s and it even made a difference on her!!

With wedding season around the corner, you brides will want to invest in this as most brides want to use false lashes.  I am now going to recommend this to them instead!  No irritation and no drunken pics with one lash track falling off. To get this miracle with a wand for yourself go to  For a limited time too, they will send you a free heated eyelash curler with your order, a $40 value!!  Trust me, when your lashes start growing, you will be glad you have it!!  You can thank me later…

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