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Its good to be the only dude at The Luxury Spot this week. Cologne, beef jerky, and moisturizers are a few of my favorite things. Here’s a double header review of some dude friendly products.

Lab Series: Skincare for Men

Even in the distressed economy, the metrosexual male needs to take care of those puffy bags, right ladies? Lab Series was designed as a quick and easy option for men. I tried out a few of their products, and found them to be easy and kind of fun to use. Everything has a high quality feel to it, and doesn’t leave your hands or face feeling slimy and nasty. In addition everything is totally unscented, allowing you to forget that you’ve gone American Psycho only a few seconds after applying. I don’t mind smelling a little perfumed after using a product like this, but it’s nice to have the option of going neutral.

The Lip Balm is effective and easy to use, the hand cream feels nice, but the roll on eye gel is the most fun. The large metal roller is like a giant ballpoint pen laying out cool gel on your eyes. I can attest to the long term benefits of any of this stuff, but it feels nice.

Pearly Dreams Toothpaste

Manhattan Dentist Dr. Arthur Zuckerman has launched his own brand of sleep-aide toothpaste. His PR people are very much pushing its sleep enhancing properties, citing the same ingredients as Purple Drank – Valerian Root and Melatonin. It costs $20 for a 4oz tube. Eh.

The toothpaste is a pleasant wintergreen flavor and feels refreshing. I’ll call bullshit on the sleep enhancement properties, however, as I did with the Drank. I’ll stick with a glass or red wine or Nyquil as my sleep aide of choice. Probably with Colgate as well.

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