Great candle, or greater sex toy?

Written by Aliza

I tend to find multiple uses in everyday items. Your belt is my headband. Her bathingsuit is my everyday wear. And, my BlackBerry doubles as a stress reliever when thrown agains the walls of my apartment. That’s why when I came across Sacred Glo candles, I didn’t think warm lighting. I thought: sex toy.

To be fair, the “wax” of the candle isn’t wax at all. It’s a combination of all-natural ingredients including soybean oil, rose hip seed oil, shea butter and fragrant oils. The idea behind Sacred Glo is a line of 100% recyclable candles. After you enjoy the candle, the “wax” can be used as body lotion and the glass container can be used for decor or a drinking glass. Although Sacred Glo has not (yet) been marketed as a bedroom accoutrement, if you will, how many times have you had hot wax dripped on your body during a seriously intense foreplay session only to frustratingly scrub it off a few hours later. It pulls out hair, you can never find all of it, and it leaves you feeling like an overused candelabra. However, with Sacred Glo, you can drip the “wax” and moisturize it in at the same time, cutting out both the dried-wax dilemma AND the cost of hot massage oil. Two birds, one stone. This is a recession, people!

The candles are currently available in four scents: Sensual Groove, Nevis Island Breeze, Sacred Clarity and Almond Glo. The Nevis Island Breeze is my favorite; Although, I’ll enjoy anything that has the word “Nevis” in it.

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